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VCAN Sourcing Co., Ltd.

Industrial sourcing company in China
New products manufactured in China
New Products manufactured in China


VCAN Sourcing Co., Ltd. —Sourcing And Project Management in China

Quality and cost is the basic of company. VCAN Sourcing can provide the best service for your company with best quality and cost products. WIN-WIN is our aim and goal.

VCAN is registered in HongKong, the Registered No is 1206143. And headquarter office is in Shenzhen City (near HongKong). Our Singapore Branch is set up in 2016. That is our marketing team here. We help our customers to source, manage and batch produce their products.
VCAN understand that cost is a major factor when considering production or manufacture of parts in China. In order to provide the best service to our clients, our sourcing system is controlled in a highly efficient way. We obtain a minimum of 5 quotations per project from reputable manufacturers in China. After a detailed comparison of the quotations we are confident that we subsequently charge our clients a highly competitive price in China.
VCAN guarantee customer satisfaction on receipt of the finished part. Our professional technical involvement provides essential “added value” to the project.

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Singapore Marketing Director: Linda Li


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