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About Company

    VCAN is registered in HongKong, the Registered No is 1206143. And headquarter office is in Shenzhen City (near HongKong). Our Singapore Branch is set up in 2016. That is our marketing team here. We help our customers to source, manage and batch produce their products.

VCAN understand that cost is a major factor when considering production or manufacture of parts in China. In order to provide the best service to our clients, our sourcing system is controlled in a highly efficient way. We obtain a minimum of 5 quotations per project from reputable manufacturers in China. After a detailed comparison of the quotations we are confident that we subsequently charge our clients a highly competitive price in China.

VCAN guarantee customer satisfaction on receipt of the finished part. Our professional technical involvement provides essential “added value” to the project.

Our services mainly focus on mechanical part fabrication such as :

Plastic tooling and component fabrication:

1)      Plastic injection mould fabrication;

2)      Plastic moulding fabrication;

3)      Vaccum Forming mould and part (for thick and thin plastic sheet material – Acrylic, PETG, ABS, PVC, PE etc.);

4)      Blow moulding – small to big size (dining table size);

5)      Plastic extrusion – UPVC, ABS, PVC, PE …etc.;

  • RIM (Reaction injection moulding);
  • Fiberglass moulding;

8)      Plastic rotation moulding;

9)      Inlay and dome label fabrication;

10)     Laser cut for Acrylic sheet;

11)   CNC machining.

12)   Laser engraving for plastic.


Metal part fabrication:

1)        Aluminium and Zinc alloy high / low pressure die casting (normal and aerospace grade);

2)        Aluminium extrusion (normal and aerospace grade);

3)        Sheet metal punching;

4)        CNC machining / punching;

5)        Laser cut for sheet metal;

  • Laser engraving for metal.
  • Water jet cutting.



1)      Colour paint spray and silkscreen/pad printing;

2)      3D cube printing;

3)      Powder coating;

4)      UV high gloss coating;

5)      Anodizing;

6)      Sand blast on metal / Special sand blast on plastic housing;

7)      Metal plating;

8)      Electrode / Vacuum plating for plastic part;



1)      Gift Box packaging;

2)      Capsule packaging;

3)      Metal can packaging.

In fact, we can source and manage most mechanical manufacturing techniques, treatments and finishing processes that are offered in China. We also handle special projects that require assembly work and packaging. After production and AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) inspection, we can manage shipment logistics and send the goods directly to the customer.

We do not own any factories in China, but provide expert technical and project management services to our customers. We help our customers to be more competitive and source high-quality products from China.

Our production capability is large. For example, we can manage injection molding from a small injection machine, up to a 3000-ton machine. Our services are too numerous to contain in this brief introduction and I therefore invite you to discuss with us your sourcing requirements from China.


  Believe our professional ! You will get more and more ……